Anyone can enjoy our indoor cricket competitions, whether you are an experienced player or a complete
novice. Make up your own team or join one of ours. It’s a safe game to play, with a soft centred ball so you don’t need pads or helmets. The way your fixtures are organised means you play at your own level of ability
for close and exciting competitions.


A team consists six players. Each player bowls three(3) six ball overs and bats for six(6) overs.


The centre shall provide the umpire who shall control the game and operate the electronic
scoreboard. The umpire’s interpretation of the rules shall be final.


Players are to wear non-marking rubber soled sports shoes, tracksuit pants or shorts and
matching colored T-shirts. (Individual shirt numbers are not required). No player shall be
allowed on the court in non-sporting footwear or attire.


The game consists of one (1) 18 over innings for each team. The game duration for a 6-a-side game is 1 hour and 15 minutes.  All teams are to have paid their game fee and be ready to play at least ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled start time.


Any team failing to field a side within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled start time shall
forfeit the game. In the event of team members arriving late they
must wait until the end of the over before entering the court. Any player who arrives after
the commencement of the last pair in the first innings will not be permitted to play.


A batter makes runs by hitting the ball into the net and running. Different scores can be
obtained depending on which net the ball is hit into. Runs are also obtained by running
between the creases. Unlike outdoor cricket, if a player is dismissed whilst batting his team
has five (5) runs deducted from the team score. The batter continues batting until their
six (6) overs are complete. Players can be dismissed in the same manner as outdoor
cricket including being caught off the nets. Players can only be caught off direct hits to the
Zone D net (6 run net) in mixed games.


The position of each team in the competition shall be determined by the accumulated
points awarded, based on the results of the games. The competition points shall be
awarded as follows :
4 competition points for a win
2 competition points for a draw
1 competition point for each skin won.
Skins are determined by the winner of each corresponding batting pair.


At the end of the competition there will be a finals series for the top four or five teams,
depending on the number of teams in the grade.